1º Congresso Lusófono sobre Esoterismo Ocidental
LISBOA | 7 a 10 de Maio de 2016

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Jungian Studies: Modern Man in Search of the Soul

Coordination: Constança Bettencourt (NPEJ)

At the dawn of the 20th Century, young Medical Psychology while building a corpus of clinical praxis, assured its focus on the psyche and it also separated itself from sister fields that was enmeshed with, such as Religion and Philosophy. As the fields of knowledge became more specific, the Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung mapped human essence, acknowledging the emphasis that the symbolic production of the patients took over the therapeutic work. Jung’s clinical participation in the mystery of the vas hermeticum, where the full personality is reborn, mirrors the guidelines of an objective psychology of an impersonal nature.

By observing that the archetypal representations in the dreams of modern man in search for the soul, were the same of religions, mysticism and oriental philosophies, he draws upon the lost bridges of the ancient world, equally considering the related currents of the fields known as the sisters of Psychology.

He dedicates years of study to areas like Gnosticism and Alchemy and observes authors like Basilides or Paracelsus (to name a few), erecting a multidisciplinary scholarship that could depict the western Man through his own roots from a psychological viewpoint.

The relevance of Jung’s vast collection of works, inscribed upon an Alexandria-alike pluralism, may position itself in the narrative of the History of Hermetic Philosophy, in the manner that these fields can be mutually inseminated, building a coherent academic narrative.


Alexandra Fidyk
Locating Research In An Animated World: Re-Conceptualizing Design
Mascha Boeser
Darkness Unveiled – the Concept of Evil in the Work of Carl Gustav Jung
Teresa Sousa Fernandes
O Poder Transformador Dos Símbolos Na Obra De Jung
Punita Miranda
From Experiment To Method: Jung’s Active Imagination In The Context Of His Red Book
Constança Bettencourt
C.G. Jung na Academia – Uma Visão Geral