1º Congresso Lusófono sobre Esoterismo Ocidental
LISBOA | 7 a 10 de Maio de 2016

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The 1st Lusophone Congress on Western Esotericism, organized by the area of Religious Studies of Universidade Lusófona, will take place in Lisbon, on May 7-10, 2016. The event will gather researchers from lusophone countries, as well as from other departments from non-Portuguese speaking universities.

This important international scientific event is a joint-venture from post-graduation programs of several Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish universities. The two main outcomes of this congress, regarding Portuguese speaking countries, are to a) establish the foundations of a scientific field on Western Esotericism and b) create an academic network for researchers in this field.

Researchers can apply their papers to the several thematic symposiums happening during the event. All papers accepted to the thematic symposiums will be published.

Besides the symposiums, the congress will also present discussion sessions, talks and presentations. There will also be thematic visits to several sites regarding Esotericism, in Lisbon and its surroundings.

All information on how to apply can be found here!